15 biggest myths about weight loss


Excess weight and attempts to get rid of it is one of the most topical problems for today. Not only women think about it, but also men who want to lose weight. This is not surprising, because according to statistics about 60% of people on the Earth are overweight, and there are even more those who want to lose weight.

However, the problem is that everyone wants a normal body mass index, but most modern people do not have a healthy lifestyle, and all their attempts to lose weight often lead to nothing, due to some very common myths.

Despite the fact that today you can learn everything about sports, diets, foods, harm and benefits of some methods of losing weight on the Internet, women continue to believe in myths. Today we will discuss those, because of which long-term weight loss becomes impossible:

#1. Choose low-carbohydrate diet, if you want to lose weight. Of course, you will lose weight very quickly, but it will return to your ever much quicker.

#2. Do not eat fat. Fat-free foods are not always low-calorie. Do not forget this.

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