15 Signs and Symptoms of diabetes

Written by Patrick LABORDE

Will You acknowledge the Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes? If you or a beloved is in danger of developing diabetes, it’s necessary that you just learn the way to recognize the signs and symptoms of diabetes as soon as you can. type two diabetes will develop on at any age. If you catch it early, you’ll usually prevent the numerous serious complications of this sickness. you should understand that diabetes is known as a « silent killer » reason. This is as a result of the signs and symptoms of diabetes usually do not manifest themselves right away and other people usually do not know the symptoms till they get very unhealthy. Basically, is a disease that usually sneaks up on people. Please do not let that happen to you.

1 – Complications of Diabetes:

complications of diabetes can include cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, vascular problems, kidney failure, nerve injury (neuropathy), eye issues (retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, blindness), and repeated infections, wounds that will not heal or are slow to heal, and stress because of the sickness.

Amputations of feet and legs are common in diabetics. Nerve injury makes wounds in extremities go unnoticed till it’s too late and reduction in blood flow will make wounds extremely difficult to heal.

2 – Frequent visits to the bathroom:

This is a really common sign of diabetes. If notice that you’re having to get up often at night to trot to the toilet, you could have diabetes and you must get your blood sugar tested.

Daytime urination might become very frequent too. Frequent urination is your body’s method of diluting and eliminating the extent sugar in your blood stream.

3 – Thirsty all the time and dry mouth:

Diabetes usually become dehydrated as a result of their urinating in very often. This causes thirst and dryness in the mouth.

4 – Hungry all the time:

This is another quite common symptom of diabetes. If you eat a lot of meal and then you get hungry again an hour or 2 later, there’s a big probability you will be a diabetic and you should get tested. After you eat, there’s continuously a rise in blood glucose that prompts the release of insulin.

However, in diabetics there can be big spike in blood glucose that results in a huge release of insulin that causes you to feel hungry.

5 – Unexplained fatigue:

If you get up in the morning after good night’s sleep and you continue to feel sluggish, this may be a result of you’ve got diabetes or pre-diabetes and your cells don’t get enough energy. The same can be true if you start to fatigue simply during the day.

6 – Wounds are slow to heal:

If you notice that your body does not appear to heal wounds, scrapes, or cats as quickly, you need consult to the doctor and have your blood glucose tested.

7 – Dry itchy skin:

This symptom will present itself in a different ways. Ladies might experience vaginal itching and men might have jock itch. General dry skin as well as flaking may also be a symptom.

8 – Frequent Headaches:

Headaches are often caused by a different factors but high blood glucose is one among them. This is right if you tend to have headaches first thing in the morning on when you have large meals. Dehydration which might be caused by diabetes may also cause headaches.

9 – Impotence:

This maybe a blessing in disguise because it usually gets men to finally move to their doctor and get their glucose tested. In men, blood vessel harm and nerve harm will result in impotence though the need is still there. Sexual desire will be reduced in men and women because of disruptions in the glands system.

10 – Mysterious weight loss:

If you discover you’re losing weight and you haven’t modified the manner you eat and there hasn’t been a modification in your activity level, do not jump for joy too quickly as a result of you of you may have diabetes. Diabetics usually reduce weight as the nutrients intake are not able to enter inside their cells. You will be eating lots but your body could also be starving.

11 – Numbness or a tingly sensation in your feet and/or hands:

Diabetes causes nerve harm and circulatory issues. The symptom for often numbness or a tingly sensation is your extremities.

12 – Frequent infections and inflammation:

Urinary tract infections, candida, thrush, jock, itch, vaginal infections, gum disease, and skin boils will all be signs of diabetes, particularly if they chronically reoccur. Unfortunately, people usually do not see infection as a proof of diabetes however it’s too common.

13 – Constipation:

If you do not have a defecation daily and/or your stool is remarkably hard, you may want to have your glucose checked, particularly if you also get other symptoms.

14 – Disruption of the menstrual cycle:

The hormonal glands system will get very out of whack if you’ve got diabetes and this sometimes affects the cycle in women. If you usually have regular menstrual cycles and suddenly you have irregular cycles or if you skip a period of 2 entirely, this might be a symptom of diabetes.

15 – General Malaise:


If you simply feel « yucky » and cannot quite place your finger on why, please do yourself a favor and go get tested for diabetes, particularly if you’re over-weight and/or have a family member who has diabetes.

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