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Utilizing the powers to heal yourself doesn’t have to be difficult. This chapter explains the five steps that you can use to improve your physical and mental health by completing one five minute exercise. Eastern medicine has long held that the body is made up of energy and that we have the power to change our energy flow for better healing. Many of the practices listed in the last chapter are based on this very principal. Now I will explain a way to change the energy flow in your body quickly and effectively. Follow these five steps and feel better immediately.

1 – Sit in a comfortable position and pay attention to your breath. Just like in meditation, you should not try to change or control your breathing. Just notice it. This will help you become present in the moment.

2 – Place your hands in front of you and rub your palms together for 30 to 60 seconds. Your palms will become warm from the friction. While rubbing your hands together, try to bring a smile to your face. Just the simple act of smiling can change your mood.

3 – Once you are done rubbing your hands together, hold them away from each other, palms facing each other, about 6 to 8 inches apart. Feel the energy that is moving between your palms. This energy is always there, you have just activated it through the friction of rubbing your hands together. Tune into this energy. Feel it. Keep smiling while you do so.

4 – Close your eyes. Try to imagine the energy moving from your hands, up your arms, and throughout your body. Just feel it. There is no right way to do this. If you can feel the energy moving throughout your body, you are doing it right. Once you are able to move the energy, direct it to the place you are feeling pain or distress. Send the positive energy to that place in your body. Know that you are sending positive, loving, healing energy to yourself. Visualize the energy moving through you, however you want. Some people see energy as light or as stars traveling through your body. However it feels most comfortable for you, see this energy move in your mind. Focus that visualization where you need healing power.


5 – Continue to work with the flow of this energy. Send it to other parts of your body. Feel it move through you. Notice how it feels or if there are places in your body that are more difficult to move the energy to. If there is, these are places you may want to focus more attention on. Thank the energy for running through your body and be grateful because you know that this energy can help heal the pain you feel.

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